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I want to welcome you to Axess Web Design.  

I founded this company soon after completing a certification in digital marketing at the Seattle campus of General Assembly two years ago.  We recently moved/redesigned our website and decided to focus specifically on website design and search engine optimization.  

For years I’ve flirted with the online/tech world and always had a drive to work within it.  Our family grew up with computers and electronics and we had access to the web as early adopters.  I didn’t go to school for a computer science or information systems degree, but I always wanted to be a part of the tech business.  So, I left my marketing career two years ago I decided that the present was the perfect time to pivot into this world and add to my skill-sets.    

People have their specific fascinations.  My fascination has always been figuring out how things work.  (Specifically business.)  I have a curious mind and always want to learn.  When I meet people who work in different fields than me I always ask them about their business.  Sometimes they are willing to open up and other times I get a look like they think I’m grilling them for trade secrets!  Eventually they open up and I get to learn something new and fascinating.  Perhaps this curiosity is the key driver of my motivation to grow a new business.  Or perhaps, it’s because I’m never satisfied just doing one thing.  I think it's a little bit of both.     

I'll be posting to this blog on a regular basis toward the end of the holiday season.  This website is a work in progress so please check back for updates.  I hope to share insights about best practices and tips that will help your business stand out and be noticed.  I will develop and share content to help grow your business and keep you updated with the newest trends in website design and searching engine optimization.

I have a passion to help people reach their goals, which is why I started this company.  If I can help you reach your goals…then I’ve done my job. 

Kyle L.