Custom Web Design

We are a Seattle Web Design and SEO Marketing Company with over 4 years experience. We specialize in custom web design on content management systems (CMS) like SquareSpace, Shopify and Wordpress to construct mobile friendly, easy-to-edit, template-based sites for your business.


Business Websites

Making a website is involved, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We specialize in custom web design on content management systems (CMS) like SquareSpace, Wix and Wordpress to construct mobile friendly, easy-to-edit, template-based sites for your business.

After your site is finished we provide one month of free website maintenance where we help with any technical problems/design tweaks. In addition we provide analytics so you can see how your website is ranking compared to others, what pages people are visiting most, and a profile of your customer.

Our main goal: To help grow your business.


  • SEO Ready

  • Crisp Design

  • Easy-To-Edit

  • Mobile Friendly Websites

  • Excellent User Experience


  • 1-Page Websites

  • 4-6 Page Websites

  • 6+ Page Websites

  • Maintenance

  • Content

Affordable Web Design

We’re committed to customer service and understand that not all businesses can afford a high-end web design agency. We are owner-operated web design company that understands a budget. We’ve made custom websites for many business types. We work with E-Commerce platforms like Shopify to design websites for clothing makers. We’ve used Wordpress to make a website for a plumber. We’ve worked on SquareSpace to make a restaurant website that was easy for the owner to edit their rotating menu.

Bottom line: We work with you budget, and give you a beautiful product that you can maintain yourself.

Web Design Process

  • Pre-Design

Step 1: Getting To Know Your Business

The steps to making a great website start with getting to know your business.  For a designer, seeing the physical business can be of help to understand your needs and the important parts of your business.  It can also help us target specific business line-items that you want to be the focal point(s) of your website.   If your business is in Seattle, King County, Snohomish County or Thurston County, we'll be happy to meet and buy you coffee.  We understand that not all schedules can accommodate in-person meetings, so we can also arrange a phone, Skype or FaceTime meeting.  Make sure to look at our portfolio for examples of our past work 

After the details of your project are gathered, we send a quote and move to Step 2.

Step 2: Content Gathering & Planning

The second most important element to creating your website is the content.  To finish your project in a timely manner, we send a questionnaire for you to complete that tells us what you want in your website.  

If you haven't signed up for a monthly package with a CMS (Square Space, Wix, Wordpress, etc)  or secured a domain & website template, you'll want to take care of that first.  We are happy to help find the best plan & package for your needs! 

You'll need to gather any images, text, business logos or link-references for your new website.  Need a business logo design?  We can make one for a fee!  If you don't have your own images, we will find free stock images via Pexels or Unsplash for your website.  You can also purchase images on Shutterstock or IStockPhoto, but we recommend showcasing authentic photos of your business to build trust with your new customers. We can provide some custom HTML or CSS code, but your website will mostly be template based.  Please see your service agreement for content submission timeline requirements.  Have an old website?  Send us the link, we can repurpose content for your new website.

You'll value our customer service and response time to questions, and we want you to love your new website.  This step will be time consuming, but will ultimately help us make your website the best we can.  

Step 3: Service agreement

We send a service agreement for you to review, sign and send back to us along with a 50% deposit for the total project cost.

  • Design 

Step 1:  Project Dashboard

We start a project dashboard via Trello were you can monitor the progress of your website design & we can request documents/feedback from you.  We design a mockup of your website using the information that we've gathered before the actual designing takes place.   

Step 2:  Time To Design!

This is were we are heads down and working on your project.  We will update you at the intervals you need, but mostly you won't hear from us until we either have a question or are ready for the review process.  Check your Trello board for any project updates, as well as check your email for any questions we may have.

  • Review

Step 1:  Edits

This step requires your partnership and attention to detail.  Once we are ready to submit the first draft of your website, we send you a link or ask you to sign in and view the website.  It's important that you write back, in detail, what you want changed.  We make the edits, and ask you to review once we are finished.  Please see your service agreement for edit submission timeline and edit requirements.  We're almost finished with your brand new website!  

Step 2: Completion

Congratulations, your new website is finished!  Once the editing is finished, we publish the website so that it is live for new customers to find!  We submit your sitemap to Google & Bing for indexing and create a Google Business Listing for you.  

NOTE:  As per our SEO Best Practices, search engines often take time to index and display your website amount search results.  Organic traffic from new customers will still take time to find, so we suggest looking to some of out SEO Packages to help get your website found!  

Step 3: Maintenance

All of our website design packages come with 1 month of free maintenance.  We will help with any index issues, send analytics reports, provide website content updates/new content updates that you need.  After 1 month, please refer to our website design Maintenance package for pricing.

Website Design Packages


Are these the only website design packages?

They are not, they're just our most popular. We offer plenty of custom website design packages for small businesses and are happy to customize them for your specific needs.  Email us about your business needs.

Are there any commitments?

After your website design is completed there are no commitments.  If needed, you can choose to hire us for website maintenance or website SEO services.

Are there any setup fees?

No!  The goal of this program is to make proper website design affordable for local businesses.  We know large up-front fees can be tough on local businesses and have created a system & service combo that avoids them.

What if I need email?

If you'd like your custom website domain to match your email address, we can help with that!  Usually you can find a good deal through your CMS provider, but we can also suggest options like G Suite if you need a suite of management tools for your company.